Philip Donnelly – Haiti
26 Feb 2019

Philip Donnelly – Haiti

Update from Philip Donnelly, on

26 Feb 2019

Update from Philip Donnelly, on assignment with Gena Heraty in the NPH Kendscoff Orphanage, Haiti

For the first six weeks of my assignment, I was based solely in Kay Christine where I addressed the serious condensation problem which was causing mould growth. I stripped and repaired all walls, installed fans in the kitchen, bathrooms and dining areas, and installed air vents in bedrooms.

I then repaired and fully restored 30 tables and chairs (which would be thrown out, if in Ireland)!

A consignment of hospital wardrobes came via Espwa from Ireland and I repaired, customised and installed these in the children’s rooms.

I also repaired/replaced drainpipes around the residences which were incorrectly installed in the first place, causing issues.

The Espwa team from Ireland visited for 2 weeks in October and we constructed 3 extensions on to the children’s residences.  I’m now taking on the second fix period for these and will complete all works.

I find Monday – Friday go fast but weekends can be lonely. I  time to go hiking or running on Saturdays.  I’m also teaching some children boxing and Espwa are going to supply kit for this. I also try to keep busy by taking 5 Creole lessons each week!


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