2020 vacancies

2020 Volunteer Programme Vacancies

2020 Volunteer Programme Vacancies

VC receives requests for volunteers from our partners in the developing world who identify needs for particular skills in their projects that cannot be fulfilled locally. We then recruit, train, and place suitable candidates for these roles. Together with the partner we endeavour to source funding for the specific project into which the volunteer will be employed.   These recruits are often graduates of the VC training course.

We have a range of needs identified by our partners in the field, most ranging from 12-36 months, some specialised and some general.  We are currently recruiting for projects which will commence in 2019 and wish to build a panel of suitably qualified, prepared candidates ready for placement.

Funded Overseas Volunteer Roles

Viatores Christi is seeking suitably qualified volunteer development workers for the roles below.  These roles are not salaried but are funded from the Overseas Aid Budget and have Volunteer Development Worker (VDW) status (PRSI contributions paid by the Irish Government).  VDWs will be in receipt of a monthly local living allowance and will receive allowances to cover flights. Accommodation will be provided free of charge. Insurance will be covered by VC group policy.  Start dates will depend on applicant experience and VC training process.

Project Support Officer – VC Office, Uganda (Closed)

The Volunteer development worker will work alongside the VC Uganda Co-Ordinator and closely with the VC Mission Development and Projects Officer in Dublin – whose roles involve the securing and management of financial support for VC partner projects, and ongoing compliance with VC and funder requirements, monitoring and evaluation and liaison with partners, volunteer development workers, and funders. The volunteer will also assist VC Uganda with accreditation in the EU Aid Volunteer Initiative (EUAVI).

IT Project Manager (with French) – Haiti (Closed)

Our partner, based in a women’s empowerment and education project in North Western Haiti, seeks a volunteer development worker IT Specialist with good all round skills and experience in managing and supporting basic IT systems (hardware and software) within an education/training setting. The IT Specialist will possess strong project management skills in developing and overseeing the refurb of an IT training centre and development of programmes, identification and training of local counterparts, delivery of training to staff and local school teachers.

Senior Social Worker – Uganda

Our partner organisation in Masaka, Uganda requires a social work specialist to share their knowledge, international skills, and experience with local staff in areas of social work and general management of social and health programmes delivered by the organisation in a bid to build the local capacity for the future. The engagement of an experienced social worker as part of a capacity building programme will assist local staff increase knowledge, techniques and support them to deliver existing programmes (in an area devastated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic)

Physiotherapist – Uganda

An experienced physiotherapist is required to support and mentor existing team in a special needs school setting which covers a varied range of conditions – both physical and intellectual. The volunteer physiotherapist will offer his/her expertise to build capacity, introduce best practice techniques and training (in client assessment, treatment programmes, use of equipment and aids, etc.) help design and deliver awareness programmes for the students families and caregivers as well as create local and international links to help the school strive to reach it’s strategic objectives in terms of services and capacity.

Maternal & Child Health Programme Manager – Uganda

Working in the Muhabura Anglican diocese, with the supervision of the local head of the health department, the VC volunteer development worker with expertise in health programme management will mentor and accompany Muhabura diocesan health staff, in the management and co-ordination of its Mother and Child Health (MCH).This project aims to improve MCH care services especially in hard to reach areas so as to contribute to a reduction in the overall maternal and infant child mortality rate in Kisoro district. The approach to be used will ensure ownership and empowerment of local community through training and mentoring.

Community Development Specialist (with Law/Mediation background) – Uganda

A new phase of this existing partnership project requires the expertise of a suitably qualified Community Development Worker with a background in law, meditation and capacity building to work alongside a local counterpart to further increase local capacity of the Justice and Peace Commission within the Catholic Diocese of Hoima and to undertake peace-building work in the community in a more effective manner.

Physiotherapist – Haiti

Speech and Language Therapist – Haiti

PE Teacher – Haiti

Our partner Special Needs Programme in Haiti provides residential, educational and therapeutic services to children and adults with physical and neurological disabilities and their families. It does so with the stated aim of achieving participation, equality and full human rights for individuals with disability in Haiti, where poverty, prejudice and a lack of state services can often lead to the neglect and abandonment of this vulnerable population. In addition to its core activities, the NPFS Special Needs Programme uses training, advocacy and partnership arrangements with like-minded organisations to work towards this aim. The project currently seeks a qualified physiotherapist, speech and language therapist and PE teacher in order to continue to provide and further develop these essential services.

Accountant – Kenya & Uganda

Our partner Franciscan Brothers (comprising Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan) require an experienced senior level volunteer accountant to design financial systems to facilitate better tracking and control of finances across their regions, communities and ministries in East Afica. The VDW will spend time at each location with follow up visits to monitor progression and address issues. 

Self-funded Overseas Volunteer Roles

Viatores Christi is seeking suitably qualified volunteer development workers for the roles below.  These roles are not salaried and are not in receipt of any grant support.  The volunteer development worker will be provided with food, accommodation and local transport  but must cover his or her own flights, insurance and pre-departure costs.  The VDW will have Volunteer Development Worker (VDW) status (PRSI contributions paid by the Irish Government).  Start dates will depend on applicant experience and VC training process.

English Teachers – Thailand

The partner, a male religious order based in Amphoe Umphang, Tak Province in Thailand requires suitably qualified volunteers to work in a community outreach programme and teach English to children in local schools (and undertake pastoral work when required).   The volunteer is expected to teach English to a basic level of proficiency (phonics, grammar and conversation); global citizenship awareness through teaching and specific outdoor activities (scouts and English camps). These objectives can be measured through exams and be achievable through coordination with local teachers.

Email apply@viatoreschristi.com or  call 01-8689986 for more details