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Interested in becoming a Volunteer Development Worker? Here’s what to do next

VC is a partner in a European Solidarity Corps Humanitarian Aid consortium project called Humanitarian Aid for the Needs of Development (HAND) with the following agencies:
• Egitim Programlari ve Evrensel ve Kulturel Aktiviteler Dernegi (EPEKA) – Turkey (lead partner)
• Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association (OSVSWA) – India
• Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) – Bosnia and Herzegovina

HAND is now recruiting volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps Humanitarian Aid online portal for deployment in Uganda, India and Sarajevo. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia application now live on ESC Portal

Uganda application now live on ESC Portal

How to apply

  • Please apply directly to the European Solidarity Corps Humanitarian Aid team by registering on the ESC portal
  • Once a candidate has registered on the portal and indicated his/her interest for the Humanitarian Aid Volunteering, the online training courses on EU Academy will be accessible via the “Online training” tab in their European Solidarity Corps account. They should select the option “Humanitarian aid training” (not General Online Training).
  • Once redirected to the EU Academy platform, these will be the next steps:
    • Candidates will first be invited to make a self-assessment and will then be able to go through the online training and try to pass the test.
    • Those who pass the test can express their interest for the face-to-face training via a scheduling solution on EU Academy.
    • After having completed the face-to-face training, the candidates will become part of the pool of candidates eligible for being selected by Humanitarian Aid Volunteering projects on the European Youth Portal
  • Volunteering in Humanitarian aid is open to all young people who:
    • registered for the European Solidarity Corps programme,
    • indicated in their European Solidarity Corps profile their interest to take part in Humanitarian aid volunteering,
    • are not older than 35 years old,
    • and reside in an EU Member State or a country associated to the programme (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Republic of North Macedonia, Türkiye).
  • Once an assignment has been confirmed, volunteers may then avail of the following:
    • 3-12 month volunteer service agreement depending on country of deployment and terms
    • Funding for flights, insurance, vaccinations.
    • Local accommodation and transport provided.

European Solidarity Corps Personal Development Plan leading to EU Youth Pass


If you have any questions about any of our roles, take a look at our FAQs section or email clearly marking the role that you are interested in.