Upskills Online Training – Coming soon

VC’s UPSKILLS training is a self-conducted module-based programme which can be undertaken at a person’s own pace and time and is fully supported with a VC online helpdesk to help the learner successfully complete the course. Topics which will be covered will include, Project Cycle Management, a crucial module for anyone involved in designing and writing project proposals to grasp, as well as Monitoring and Evaluation and Governance, Child Safeguarding training to name just a few. As the programme develops more courses will be added utilising some of Ireland’s experts in the field of development and humanitarian aid.

The training is also very appropriate for graduates of international development and humanitarian aid courses who seek to augment theory with practical implementation and learn from the expertise of experienced facilitators many of whom have undertaken the work at field level.

To sign up to our Upskills training:  (this will be announced in October 2021)