Venture Online Course

Live, interactive delivery. Practical skills.

Venture will suit those who like a live, interactive learning environment.  The course provides a solid grounding in many key practical aspects of development and humanitarian work.

VC’s Theory of Change seeks to improve health and education outcomes as well as improve livelihoods. It recognises VC’s partners’ need for greater resources and capacity to deliver relevant services. Training in areas relevant to sustainability and good practice is a vital element in achieving this goal. Venture is now being offered to local staff working within VC partners and their affiliate organisations in a strategic focus on Uganda in line with an increasing focus on localisation.

(If you prefer self-paced learning and wish to study in your own time, we also have a suite of short, self-directed online courses called UpSkills – learn more here)

Due to Covid-19 public health restrictions on gatherings, Venture moved online in 2020.  As a result of going online, it allowed a wider participation of development workers, local volunteers, partners – from many different countries!

The will run on weekends between 28-29 January, 25-26 February and 25-16 March 2023.

Summer dates yet to be finalised.

The training will consist of 6 days (5 hours per day) of live training sessions, plus access to over 20 hours of online, independent learning.

The Venture programme is delivered by facilitators who are experts in the sector.

If you are a team leader or project director and are interested in our Partner Training Packages for your team, please email us for package details and fees.

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Who is this course for?

  • Local staff working within VC partners and their affiliate organisations with a strategic focus on Uganda in line with localisation.
  • Those starting out in aid and development, humanitarian work or as missionaries and volunteers.
  • If applying for a VC funded development worker placement with a partner project, this course is a prerequisite for most assignments (except where the individual has previous relevant experience)

What will you learn?

Venture aims to prepare prospective development and humanitarian aid workers, missionaries or volunteers for working in international development and humanitarian work contexts:

  • How to make informed choices about engaging in development / humanitarian work
  • Management, communication and technical skills to work with local partners to collaborate on projects and programmes effectively
  • How to help support the capacity development of the communities and organisations where you work
  • How to work effectively using interactive and people-centred approaches
  • How to accept, respect and enjoy living or working in a new cultural context where required
  • How to appreciate the importance of personal wellbeing, including healthy relationships
  • How to understand power relationships in the development and humanitarian context
  • Personal security and simple strategies to improve your safety and wellbeing and that of colleagues
  • The complexities of child & vulnerable adult safeguarding, and inclusive practices

“What I have been very favourably impressed by is not only the specific training programme, but the general atmosphere created by the VC staff and volunteers on the various occasions when I have been there. This atmosphere is probably even more important than the elements in the formal training programme.”

Donal Dorr –  Venture programme facilitator

Content & Learning Approach

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Our course is entirely participatory – the idea is that all have something to bring to the table.

As well as good basic grounding on the development and humanitarian sectors it also offers participants an insight into working with and within the faith-based development sector, essential for missionaries.


Online training: The online course fee is payable in advance before login details are supplied.

Terms & Conditions

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Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the course