This EU Aid Volunteer Initiative funded project ‘VIVID:T – Technical Assistance in Humanitarian Response, Ensuring Valuable International Volunteering and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities’ aims to create a community of practice made up of EU organisations working towards disability inclusion in humanitarian action and volunteering.

Above all the project will work towards developing and implementing inclusive policies and procedures for within all the consortium organisations so that the project will be model for the EU to support disability inclusive volunteering.


This project runs from from January 2020 until January 2022.


The project is implemented by the lead partner CBM Ireland and as well as VC includes:

The role of VC in VIVID

The project has many activities which VC will participate in and collaborate on with consortium partners, however VC has specific responsiblity for a number of activities including:

  • Development of an assessment tool to assess current levels of capacity with each partner in volunteer management.
  • Engaging and working with a social research expert to undertake extensive research into online volunteering as a way of overcoming barriers to inclusion.
  • Organisation and hosting of two conferences on Best Practice in Volunteering – the first conference will be delivered online in October 2020 and will feature the launch of the research on online volunteering.