Each of the four Venture programme weekend workshops concentrate on specific themes and they are delivered by outside facilitators who are experts in their fields.

Due to Covid-19 public health restrictions Venture has moved online, therefore there will be some modifications to the content below:

The training modules are

Module 1: Introduction and Logistics sessions

Module 2: Global Awareness

Module 3: Mission and Development

Module 4: Returned Volunteer Experiences 

Module 5: Health

Module 6: Community Development and Leadership

Module 7: Cultural Adaptation

Module 8: Research Methodology (includes online course of 5 sessions)

Module 9: Challenge and Conflict

Module 10: Project Cycle Management and Monitoring & Evaluation.

Module 11: Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection (online course 6 sections)

Module 12: Technical Writing (online course 4 sections)

Module 13: UN Basic Security in the Field online course (If going overseas as a VC volunteer)

There are other induction courses for specific countries once a role has been developed

Some of our expert facilitators

Patty Abozaglo, Ronan White, Patrick Marren, David Nyaluke, Rory Halpin, Meabh-Anne McNamara, Barbara Cullinan and Sally Roddy.

Students receive a certificate of completion from VC which is widely recognised by international NGOs and Development organisations.