Venture Online Programme Content

Each of the four Venture programme weekend workshops concentrate on specific themes and they are delivered by outside facilitators who are experts in their fields.

Due to Covid-19 public health restrictions on gatherings, Venture moved online in 2020.  As a result of going online, it allowed a wider participation of development workers, local volunteers, partners – from many different countries!


Full course fee: €300

Misean Cara members based in or working on projects in the Majority World are entitled to a discount

Concessions available and local fees determined by where you live – please contact us for more details.

Course place may be secured with €100 deposit

The training consists of 6 days (5 hours per day) of live training sessions, plus access to over 20 hours of online, independent learning.


Date 2024  Workshop / Module Description
Weekend 1  TBA




Introduction to VC & Venture!

Explore Relationship Between Mission and Development 

This session explores the Missionary approach to development (Christian) and modern development practices and humanitarian interventions.

Global Awareness Workshop

The idea behind global awareness is to create global citizens who are open to those raised in different countries, cultures and religious settings. It offer and opportunity to see how everyday decisions in our lives can impact the lives of people around the globe.

This course explores the impact globalisation has on world trade and will introduce participants to the structures of power and inequality.

Self-directed/paced online courses Child and vulnerable adult Safeguarding

Safeguarding is a term used to describe the measures put in place to ensure the protection of health, wellbeing and human rights of children, young people or vulnerable adults as individuals.

Monitoring and Evaluation technique and practice

Technical writing including writing project reports 

Learn how to write clear, concise, accurate and well-structured writing – required both for the development of project funding proposals but equally as important in the drafting of donor reports.

All available as easy to use, interactive and self-paced learning on our learning management system.

Weekend 2 TBA Intro Session

Active Global Citizenship – Workshop

This session explores the latest developments in volunteering and we discuss what it means to be an active global citizen

Community Development

This module is designed to enable prospective development workers or volunteers to gain a thorough understanding of community development combined with the practical skills necessary to work effectively in development work.

Conflict Resolution 


Self-directed/paced online courses Project Cycle Management

PCM is an essential skill and competency for anybody considering volunteer development work and in almost every career area.  This content has been developed over many years and is aimed at providing the end user with a fulfilling learning experience which can be put into practice in real life.

Disability and Climate Change

Research Methods (part 1) online 

Volunteer development workers, and development practitioners need to understand the hows and whys of research and how to conduct surveys and analyse results.  This course will provide you with an understanding of this area and its importance in the project cycle.



Weekend 3 TBA Intro Session

Accessibility in Project Cycle Management 

Research Methods Masterclass (part 2 )

Roundup Session

Next Steps and Evaluation

Summary, wrap-up and next steps!

Students receive a certificate of completion from VC which is widely recognised by international NGOs and Development organisations.

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