Erasmus+ Inclusive Global Citizenship

Viatores Christi (VC) Ireland is the lead partner in an Erasmus+ funded project called Inclusive Global Citizenship Education. It is being implemented in partnership with Abilis Foundation Finland.

This Erasmus+ project aims to harness expertise in adult education and disability inclusion to develop and deliver a high quality, accessible, online Global Citizenship training module targeted at adults, those with disabilities and those without.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To develop a high quality, accessible, Global Citizenship Education module for an online platform targeted at adults, abled and those with disabilities.
  • To harness the experience of the EU network and in particular the skills of a well-respected disability organisation, Abilis, to assist in this process while at the same time benefiting from the cross-fertilisation of ideas and processes in the area of adult education in this sector.
  • To trial and launch the training as a pilot project to include people living with disability to ensure that it meets the objectives of accessibility as set out in the development stage

By producing accessible training content and harnessing digital technologies to host training online, many barriers to access will be removed. This will be achieved by using closed captioning, sign language and ensuring accessible text and visuals are used in the creation of the module. This will also enable participation by persons unable to attend due to geographical location.

The finished course will be made available free of charge so will therefore be open to a range of socio economic groups including those who are unemployed, those who may not be able to afford accessible training in this important area of civic education. The accessible module aims to create a sense of solidarity between participants so that they may begin a process of developing a sense of awareness that we live in one world, moving from local to global perspectives, allowing all to take part, appreciate and to respect diversity.