Becoming an International Volunteer

International Volunteering is Socially Rewarding

Responsible international volunteering through a long-term (6 months+) role can bring about social change and benefit civil society and promote global citizenship.

The key is that the projects undertaken are responsible and sustainable, bringing long-term benefits to the communities with which we engage. VC has a rigorous process to validate this and ensure that we our volunteer development workers are actually helping.

International Volunteers come with differing motivations

Over our 60 years of working with international volunteers, we have seen all sorts of volunteers. So we know which ones are likely to have a positive experience and which ones less so.

Some are starting out in the field of global development or humanitarian aid; some wish to pass on the knowledge and skills acquired through their career, some may be motivated by their beliefs, but all must come with the right motivation to learn, be respectful and commit to bring about social change.

But good preparation and support for the International Volunteer is vital

You need to be sure you are well prepared and working with an ethical and reliable organisation. VC aims to guarantee that volunteers will have a positive impact with our partner projects by ensuring that you are deployed only where you are needed, get to know the issues and the root causes of global injustice and get to know yourself.

VC will prepare you with a holistic, skills based and practical training programme for all that living and working in that project will require of you as well as increasing your own self-awareness.  And we provide support throughout your placement.

VC will also highlight the demands for accountability, professionalism and resilience for those putting themselves forward for our overseas vacancies.

In International Volunteering for you?

Is international volunteering right for you? And you for it?

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