What we do

For Volunteers

Our volunteers are (Irish, international or in-country) people who want to work on development or humanitarian projects in marginalised communities.

We provide
Long and medium-term opportunities for volunteer deployments across a wide range of sectors
Comprehensive training and preparation
Financial support for volunteers including contributions towards flights, vaccinations and visa
A living allowance, insurance and accommodation
Personal support while overseas and on return
Membership of VC


For Partners

Our partners are NGOs /Missionary/Diocesan Projects working in marginalised communities. We also work with EU partners for deployment of volunteers

We provide
Development Training for Project Staff
Volunteers, both international and local, with expert skills
Access to funding
Support with proposal development 
Ongoing technical support

For our Funders

Our main funding partners are agencies such as Misean Cara, the EU, Foundations and Dioceses.

We provide
Value for money
Needs based development
Rigorous project monitoring and evaluation
High quality reporting
Compliance with the Code of Good Practice for Volunteer Sending Agencies