Partnership options

International Partners

VC works with a range of different partner projects in the area of funding support, volunteer recruitment, training and support.  Our key area of focus is the East Africa region as we have a regional office in Kampala, Uganda.  We also work with partners in other areas of the world.  Our partners traditionally came from the faith based development sector, but today we work with a many different organisations where we work in collaboration with partners to respond to clearly defined needs.

European Partners

VC has a number of consortium members throughout Europe who we work closely with, either as the lead partner in the case of the Volunteering for Humanity project or as a supporting member in the case of our VIVID project.  VC is also active in the Erasmus programme and European Solidarity Corps.  VC is open to new engagements with volunteer sending organisations and with potential volunteer hosting organisations for EU projects in countries outside of the EU.

Interested in Partnership at an Organisational level?

Please contact us to let us know of your interest and we can start a conversation and begin the partnership process.