About us

VC is an international development and humanitarian organisation that brings about positive change in the marginalised communities where we work, through a range of interventions including the recruitment, training and deployment of specialist volunteers.

We work closely with over 20 partner organisations around the world and active in a number EU consortia for specific interventions.  We are a Quality Label approved sending organisation under the EU ESC volunteering initiative and our branch office in Uganda is a Quality Label approved hosting organisation.

We put people first by;

  • Identifying and addressing clearly defined needs
  • Tackling the root causes of poverty
  • Working in solidarity with local staff within communities

VC is one of the longest established international volunteer agencies in Ireland. We train and place volunteers in long-term placements to work on sustainable development projects.

60 Years of Development Work

VC celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2021, having been founded in 1960 by a group of lay Christian UCD Students who volunteered to work in England and Scotland with Irish emigrants during their free time.

The first members went on assignment to Nigeria in 1960, and in 1961 members departed for Peru, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. We have supported thousands of projects and sent over 2500 volunteers or development workers into the field since our inception.


Our Mission Today

Today, our mission is to work in solidarity with partner organisations to improve the lives of local people by improving access to basic services.

VC’s faith-based approach is one of journeying in solidarity with the poor and marginalised in the world. While we are rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, our development and pastoral work is open to all faiths.

VC believes in identifying the local needs and providing a neeeds-based solution, so that our impact is sustainable and will benefit the community over the long-term.

To do this, we work with local partner organisations and assist them in achieving the objectives of their projects.