Venture – Training for Development (Autumn 2016)



Venture Autumn 2016 is an intensive programme conducted over four weekends between September and December.

**Please note that the workshop topics may be swapped with other weekend topics depending on tutor availability**

Course / Module Date
Global Awareness, Health 17-18 September 2016
Community Development and Leadership 8-9 October 2016
Cultural Adaptation, Challenge & Conflict, Research Methodologies (New module) 5-6 November 2016
Project Cycle Management, Monitoring & Evaluation 3-4 December 2016

Who is this for?
Prospective development workers, missionaries or volunteers who intend to work and live in a developing country.

What will you learn?

While providing a grounding in practical overseas development it will help participants to discern if a long term volunteer commitment is for them.  It is vitally important that development workers, missionaries or volunteers are well prepared; this helps ensure that they can remain committed to the challenges of living and working overseas.


Module 1 Introduction and Logistics sessions.
Module 2 Global Awareness.
Module 3 Mission and Development –This is aimed at those working in the faith-based sector and is held after the returned volunteer speaker each Sunday morning.
Module 4 Returned Volunteer Speakers. Four speakers will input, one on each weekend
Module 5 Health
Module 6 Community Development and Leadership
Module 7 Cultural Adaptation
Module 8 Challenge and Conflict
Module 9 Research Methodologies
Module 10 Project Cycle Management and Monitoring & Evaluation
Module 11 Online Security Course mandatory for all trainees (UNDSS)
Module 12 Comhlámh Volunteer Charter
Other Induction Training for Specific Countries once Role has been identified

The programme is delivered by facilitators who are experts in the sector.

Course fee €400 (less 20% for unwaged)

Register and pay online here.