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Become a partner

VC networks and links with partner organisations in the field to ascertain needs and seeks to fulfil these needs through the recruitment, training and placement of the volunteer/lay missionary with these partners.  The volunteer serves where there are no local personnel available or affordable with the necessary skills and through his/her work, passes on skills and builds local capacity.  VC acts as an agent on behalf of the volunteer/lay missionary, who is normally a VC member.

Services we currently offer our partners

VC has a wealth of talent and experience gained in the development/missionary sector over the last 45 years.  We assist partners in the development of project proposals from conception to completion. – A vital service to translate the good work in that is being undertaken in the field into a results-based framework. We currently do this for projects that  seek to work with our expatriate personnel but are also offering this service to partners seeking to recruit local personnel. We are also able to offer training and advice on recruitment, project cycle management and the very necessary base line surveys as well as a host of other services. We welcome any enquiry from Misean Cara members and other potential partners.

VC is currently active in the following clusters;

Africa including, Southern and East Africa, including, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa

Latin America and the Caribbean, including Haiti and the Dominican Republic

South East Asia including Thailand and Cambodia

View our active overseas partners

VC has a project support office for East Africa located in Kampala contact VC Coordinator Rose Salaama

For more information on becoming a partner with VC, please contact VC CEO Shane Halpin



Expression of Interest Form for Partnerships

Please apply by filling out the details below

Please provide details of the project including project requirements.

Please provide details of your most urgent need and how this was identified.

please give details of any linkages and affiliations your organisation has nationally and internationally.


Opportunity to attach any relevant documentation. e.g. Annual Report or Baseline Survey etc.

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