Venture Programme  Content

Each of the four Venture programme weekend workshops concentrate on specific themes and they are delivered by outside facilitators who are experts in their fields. The training modules are

• Module 1: Introduction and Logistics sessions
• Module 2: Global Awareness
• Module 3: Mission and Development
• Module 4: Returned Volunteer Speakers
• Module 5: Health
• Module 6: Community Development and Leadership
• Module 7: Cultural Adaptation
• Module 8: Research Methodology (includes online course of 5 sessions)
• Module 9: Challenge and Conflict
• Module 10: Project Cycle Management and Monitoring & Evaluation.
• Module 11: Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection (online course 6 sections)
• Module 12: Technical Writing (online course 4 sections)
• Module 13: UN Basic Security in the Field online course (If going overseas as a VC volunteer)

Other induction courses for specific countries once role has been developed

Some of our facilitators!

Patty Abozaglo

Ronan White

Donal Dorr

Students receive a certificate of completion from VC which is widely recognised by international NGOs and Development organisations.