Invitation to tender
Social or Market Researcher for Inclusive Global Citizenship Education Project

1. Background and overview of the project
Viatores Christi (VC) Ireland is the lead partner in an Erasmus+ funded Inclusive Global Citizenship Education project, being implemented in partnership with Abilis Foundation Finland.

This Erasmus+ project ‘Inclusive Global Citizenship’ aims to harness expertise in adult education and disability inclusion to develop and deliver a high quality, accessible, online Global Citizenship training module targeted at adults with disabilities and without. A key activity of this project involves research to validate the target audience, assumptions, and content.

2. Aim of this activity
Viatores Christi is seeking a research specialist to carry out this research activity, gather information, and write an accessible report to inform and guide the work of the project team.

This essential market research activity will help to create a strong value proposition. This activity will further refine the needs and goals of the two organisations and the identified needs of target groups. The research will focus on:
• Why would someone take part in this programme module? (‘5 whys’)
• What gaps does it address in the sector? Is it needed?
• What outcomes can target participants expect at the end?
• By engaging, will target participants receive something of value and learn something new that will change their beliefs and increase knowledge?

4. Outputs of this research activity
The following key data is required:
• Clear data and information for the project team on the pertinent challenges, beliefs, personal pain points as well as the current obstacles that prevent persons with disabilities from accessing global citizen education.
• Information on preferred learning experiences which will allow the project team to gain a clear understanding of the types of learning experiences target participants would require.
• Analysis and data on the level of demand and interest in the topic in the target audiences
• Identification of any ‘competitors’ or existing programmes with some similar content/focus. This will also include any successes or otherwise of similar programmes and indications of sector demand.
• Analysis of any existing similar content which will then allow VC and Abilis Foundation to offer a different experience and content.

5. Applicant Requirements

I. Successful applicants should have the following:
• Be an experienced market researcher or social researcher with a degree in a relevant field and recent, relevant experience
• Have an advanced understanding of disability inclusion
• Have experience or demonstrate understanding and experience of training and education in global citizenship.

II. Submission must include the following
• Applicants must provide proposed methodology and detailed timeline
• Curriculum vitae (including names of two referees)
• Background and relevant previous experience of the applicant

III. Submission deadline for proposal
We recommend that interested candidates submit proposals at earliest convenience as applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and screening calls will scheduled with candidates throughout this process. The deadline for applications is 12pm on Wednesday 27th October.
Successful candidate must be available to begin the work by 15th November at the very latest.
Applications to

IV. Budget for this activity

V. Timeline
The expected time for completing this activity is over November and December 2021.

Qualified candidates with lived experience of disability are encouraged to apply

Role is now filled