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VC Partners

VC has a range of partnerships to facilitate its work in alleviating poverty. These include funding support agencies like Misean Cara, of which VC is a member, and Caritas member, Trocaire; Church and parish groups like the parishes of Diocese of Raphoe and Dublin, Cleveland Ohio, California, San Antonio and others. VC is a member of Irish Missionary Union which is now part of the Conference of Religious in Ireland (CORI), and the Catholic Missionary Union of England and Wales (CMU).  VC also is a member of Missionary Cooperation Programme in the USA. As a solidarity member of Comhlamh, VC is committed to best practice in development and volunteering.

What is a mission partner

Mission partners are organisations that Viatores Christi (VC) supports primarily through the placement of a capacity building volunteer. These are organisations we link with as part of our strategic focus in the areas in which we work including HIV and AIDS, Disability, Health, Human Rights, Education and Secure Livelihoods.Working in partnership means that we support organisations in developing countries to implement projects in collaboration with their local communities. These organisations bring an in-depth understanding of their local context, language and culture, while we contribute our experience, funding and in some cases a volunteer.

VC is committed to working with and for the marginalised and most vulnerable people in the developing world. Therefore, we work with a diverse mix of partners to increase the voice of marginalised people and to ensure their rights and perspectives are incorporated into basic services. The type of partner differs from one programme to another, but in general, but not exclusively, VC’s partners are faith-based organisations or linked to faith based organisations and include:

  • Members of Misean Cara – former or existing Irish missionary projects overseas namely Catholic congregations of brothers, sisters and priests.
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and registered charities
  • Community-based organisations (CBOs) and cooperatives
  • Dioceses with historical working relationships with Ireland