Project Cycle Management Weekend Workshop



A weekend workshop (Saturday and Sunday) on Project Cycle Management,  Results Focused Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation.


Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November 2017

Who is this for?

Existing or prospective volunteers, development workers, missionaries who wish to gain greater knowledge of the principles of Project Cycle Management and Results Focused Planning.


· To facilitate participants to understand the principles and stages of Project Cycle Management;

· To facilitate participants to understand the principles and stages of Results Focused Planning;

· To facilitate participants to understand what Monitoring and Evaluation is all about, and how to conduct project monitoring and project evaluations;

· To impart participants with increased confidence in relation to planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a project or programme.


An adult learning approach will be used which will be a mixture of didactic instruction, group work, case study, and shared experience.

Outline Content

1 The Project Cycle

1.1 Organisational Strategic Direction and Wider Policy Context

1.2 Problem Identification and Planning

1.3 Proposal Development and Financing

1.4 Implementation

1.5 Monitoring

1.6 Evaluation

2 Results Focused Planning

2.1 Activities Focused Approach vs. Results Focused Approach

2.2 Identification of the Overall Problem

2.3 Context and Organisational Analysis

2.4 Participation and Stakeholder Analysis

2.5 Problem Identification and Analysis, Needs Assessments

2.6 Objective Setting and Analysis

2.7 The Intervention Logic

2.8 Risks Analysis

2.9 Indicators and Means of Verification

3 Monitoring & Evaluation

3.1 Definitions, Types & Purpose of Monitoring

3.2 Monitoring vs Evaluation

3.3 Purpose & Focus of Evaluation

3.4 OECD-DAC Evaluation Criteria

3.5 Monitoring and Evaluation in Practice


Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

• Use a results focused approach to planning interventions

• Use participatory techniques with local communities

• Work with local communities to identify needs within the community

• Plan with local communities and stakeholders in a collaborative manner

• Plan sustainable, viable projects that respond to needs identified by local communities

• Monitor the implementation and outcomes of projects

• Organise an evaluation of the merits of the project


This programme will be delivered by Ronan White – experienced practitioner, trainer and lecturer in the field of development. Read more here

Course Fee €100

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