Searching for a rewarding job?

Here at VC, we can guarantee you rewarding work…work that may also help improve lives, fight poverty and also change your own life!  All you have to do is be willing to share your time and skills where they are most needed – by volunteering overseas!

What we do
Our Mission at VC is to serve those in most need at home and overseas – we do this by recruiting, training and placing skilled people where there is a need or skills gap identified by our Mission partner and where nobody locally has the particular required skills.  Read about the work that some of our volunteers do here!

Why send a volunteer from Ireland?
You might think that little is changing or improving in our world, but while there huge poverty and injustice remain in our world, and also a whole new crisis involving so many displaced peoples, we see growth and positivity in the countries where we work.  However sometimes specific skills are not available to the projects that we engage with and are not readily available locally for many reasons. When this is the case VC will recruit, train and place a suitably qualified person to go and share their skills and train at least one person to do the job by the time the assignment has finished.  This ensures sustainabilty and that the project will continue to grow.

What skills are needed?
Our Mission partners overseas require many different types of skills – click here to view some current vacancies.  (Some roles are in receipt of funding meaning that the volunteer will receive an allowance)

How do I prepare for overseas placement?
At VC we also provide an excellent part-time training course at our centre in Dublin – we have been running this course in different formats for over 50 years!  It is open to anybody, whether you are planning on voluteering or just want to learn more about it and gain a greater global awareness.  The course will help you become aware of the root causes of poverty and injustice in our world and what we can do here in Ireland.

What to learn more?
Learn more about the possibility of very rewarding overseas volunteer work and how to join our excellent training course – come to our Information & Recruitment Session on Saturday 22nd August 2015 at 10.00 at VC HQ, 8 New Cabra Road, Phibsboro, Dublin 7 Tel. 01-868 9986 or email us for more informaion – we would love to see you there!