Integrating Climate Action into Staff Briefings

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The climate crisis has become the most pressing global issue of our time. Did you know that the climate crisis exacerbates inequality and injustice worldwide? According to FAO (2024), poor households can lose up to 5% of their income due to heat stress and 4.4% due to floods in an average year.

In a determined effort to prioritise the environment and climate, VC, a leading faith-based NGO in Dublin, has pledged to ensure that both personal and company actions in this area remain on the agenda for staff. This follows a specific directive at VC’s recent AGM from its members and endorsed by the organisation at its recent strategic planning process.  In practice, this will keep the team fully aware and conscious of climate action both at project level in the areas where we work, but also in Ireland.  CEO Shane Halpin believes that it has to be a balanced approach.  He is looking for group action and group responsibility and that starts with VC.

Screenshot from VC's recent online climate action workshop. Image of a PowerPoint slide entitled "What can organisations do? Some suggestions from the literature" and to the right, a Zoom gallery view of 7 VC staff members in attendance.
Photo from VC’s recent climate action workshop

The organisation, which has already moved to fully remote working to avoid costly and unnecessary commutes, is seeking to find innovative ways to act on climate change. It has introduced remote volunteering options and has been active in supporting its partners in this area too.

VC has recently added a course to its training offerings that specifically addresses climate change as it relates to one of its key target groups – people living with disability. This Disability and Climate Change course sheds light on the importance of recognising diverse vulnerabilities and advocating for inclusive and equitable climate action. The course is free to undertake and does not require any prior knowledge or experience. It complements VC’s workshop on climate action which runs as part of its Venture programme.