Annette Johansson – Haiti




Senior Physiotherapist


I am a Senior Physiotherapist originally from Sweden. I have been living and working in Dublin for the last 14 years. Over the years living in Dublin I have specialised in working with children with neurological impairments and special needs. I have on four occasions since 2011 travelled with Soul of Haiti to volunteer at Oeuvre St. Francois D’Assise orphanage on an island south of Haiti. It has been hugely challenging and inspiring to work with the children, staff and the other volunteers here in Haiti, so this year I took an even bigger step by taking one year’s leave from my work in the Central Remedial Clinic, Clontarf, Dublin to volunteer for NPH Haiti’s special needs program at St. Kay Germaine.  I was introduced to Gena Heraty at my last trip to Haiti April 2014. We visited her school St. Kay Germaine in Tabarre, Port au Prince, the only facility of its kind in Haiti, and I was blown away with her set up of services. It was like a “CRC” in Haiti! So here I am 10 months later working as a physiotherapist in St. Kay Germaine with their 92 school children age 4-16.

My work here involves continuing the training of the Haitian therapy and school staff, together with other volunteers, to provide best possible care for all the pupils and out-patients attending the rehabilitation centre and special needs school. I will also be teaching parents of special needs children how to best care for them at home in relation to handling them during daily activities, positioning their children at home and giving them feeding advice. I’m also helping out with the seating systems provided here for the children to have optimal positions for activities during the school day and to optimise their learning.