Annie Mc Mahon – Bolivia

18 Dec 2018
map bolivia

Annie Mc Mahon recently took up her post in Bolivia. She sent us on this update:

“Things are slightly tense this week in Bolivia as there has been a lot of corruption uncovered in the recent elections for a referendum and the people have been ┬áprotesting – peacefully I might add, all week. It’s very interesting to hear what is happening and the thoughts/fears of the people here.

Apart from this it is the end of the school year so I am currently getting the kids prepared for the summer break and being that teacher that gives homework over the holidays. I am also arranging times for some of the children to come to the clinic as well as having parent teacher meetings.

We have done 3 huge outreaches over the last few months; 2 in the jungle, where over 300 people attended in two and a half days; the other one, in the mining area of the country, where over 70 people attended. Great turn outs!

I will hopefully start a course soon to learn some Bolivian sign language. Apart from that it’s just typical end of school things, parties and parades etc.”