Training for change


“When I think about how relationships have developed and how colleagues are becoming friends, I am grateful for the advice given during our VC training—in development work, there is little you can achieve sitting on your own, at your computer. These days I tend to do most of these things in the teachers’ room, in the company of others” – Deirdre Ryan, currently on a teacher training assignment in Cambodia

VC offers an excellent training programme called Venture, delivered twice a year which aims to prepare prospective development workers, missionaries or volunteers for working and living in a developing country.

The programme is conducted over four intensive weekends between February and May and September and December each year. While providing a grounding in practical overseas development it will help participants to discern if a long term volunteer commitment is for them. It is vitally important that development workers, missionaries or volunteers are well prepared; this helps ensure that they can remain committed to the challenges of living and working overseas.

The programme is delivered by facilitators who are experts in the sector.

Who can join

The VC Venture training programme is open to everyone, not just those wishing to be considered for a VC placement.  It is however, a prerequisite for our vacancies unless the volunteer has considerable previous overseas experience.  It offers people an opportunity to make an informed decision on whether overseas volunteering is for them.

Applicants from England and Wales are very welcome as part of  VCs commitment to its membership of the Catholic Missionary Union.

Content and delivery

Our course is entirely participatory – the idea is that all have something to bring to the table.

As well as good basic grounding on the development sector it also offers participants an insight into working with and within the faith-based sector. VC also strongly encourages participants to become involved in voluntary work at home as a practical learning addition to this course.


A course fee of €400 for the training is payable in advance. Meals and refreshments are included, accommodation is not included.

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