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VC launches online training for the international development and humanitarian sector

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If you are a development worker/volunteer or have interest in the international development and humanitarian sector and you are looking to advance your skills in the field, enrolling in the VC online UPSKILLS training programme is one valuable pathway to consider. Online learning has become the most accessible form of sharing information in the recent times due to the inevitable push towards globalisation.

About the training

In October 2021 VC has launched a training programme, UPSKILLS, for the development and humanitarian sector. The training is fully online, with a flexible curriculum. The programme is tailored to meet each learners’ unique needs–while allowing them to stay close to home. It includes well researched, practical and up-to-date information which is organised in a module-based format. UPSKILLS has also been designed to create new opportunities in the development sector while addressing the key challenges in the rapidly changing and interconnected world. Courses can be enrolled in at any time commencing with two very popular courses, Project Cycle Management and M&E.  Future courses will include, Community Development, Child Safeguarding, Governance, Globalisation and Localisation, among others.  Cost per course will be in the region of 10-40 USD fully supported by EU and other funders.

What you will learn

From Project Cycle Management (PCM), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and others, VC’s training modules add value by giving an in-depth knowledge in the international development field, which is very important and necessary to achieve individual and organisational goals. You will be equipped with techniques in proposal and report writing, along with skills in leadership and governance among others.

About the facilitators and how you will learn

Each online course is taught by professional facilitators who have vast experience in their field. The courses are recorded and there is an opportunity to go back and forth for clarity if needed. An individual also has the opportunity to learn at their own pace and time. A certificate of completion is awarded after accomplishment of each course.

Who should enrol?

VC strongly encourages people in the development sector, volunteers/missionaries, students, diverse organisations and all parties interested in contributing to international development to enrol in the training and equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to address the pressing challenges that arise from inadequate preparation and management.  Enrol today!

Payment for courses

Courses are all individually priced ranging from 40 USD to just 10 USD per topic.  A credit or debit card is required to purchase using PAYPAL app or as a guest on Stripe platform. If challenged to pay using card VC will allow bank transfer, contact

How to access the online training


UpSkills Development Training logo
UpSkills Development Training logo