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One student’s transformation

Part 5 of our series of  blog posts from our online exhibition highlighting the impact of mindfulness training in schools in Lira, Northern Uganda. With our support, our partner St Francis Family Helper Programme, an NGO based in Uganda, have carried out a pilot project where mindfulness training was provided for Teachers, Parents and Pupils in schools in the area. VC Staff travelled to the project to see how it’s impact has been felt. While visiting, they spoke to teachers, pupils and parents who believe that this project has transformed their lives.  The result of these conversations is a series of stories that we would like to share with you.

School Training Transforms One Girl’s Relationship with her Parents 

Caroline* admits that she was a very stubborn and rebellious child before she had undergone training in mindfulness and positive discipline. Elizbeth is a pupil of Burlobo Rock view Primary school in Lira-Northern Uganda.

When I had to do chores like fetching water, I would stay at the well for a long time and if my parents asked, I would arrogantly answer them.”

“I had little or no respect for anyone and would talk back when she was being scolded or corrected.”

On several occasions Caroline disobeyed her parents. She would warn  them not to punish her because she believed she had done no wrong. Her parents on the other hand, would beat her when she made a mistake, which she now feels was also not the right way to straighten up a child. Caroline admits that before, she had little or no respect for anyone and would talk back when she was being scolded or corrected.

Positive Communication

In the training, they taught me how to be self-aware and how to positively communicate with different people. This has greatly helped me with my parents.

Caroline states that there is no more beating as a form of discipline in their school.  When the children make a mistake or do wrong, the teachers opt for positive disciplining which was addressed during the training supported by Viatores Christi (VC) in partnership with St Francis Family Helper Programme (SFFHP).

Our school is now safer”

Instead of beating and being shouted at, Caroline says that pupils now write apology letters, and are given a time out when they do wrong.

Caroline (R) attending a class with her fellow pupils
Caroline attending a class with her fellow pupils

“I also would like to continue with this programme because it is encouraging me to be better… I am now a good girl because of the training.

For more stories on the impact of mindfulness training for Teachers, Parents and Pupils in schools in Lira, Northern Uganda check out our [link] online exhibition

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