disciplined school classroom in Uganda

VC launches exhibition of North Uganda School Discipline Project

A school discipline project in Uganda has shown results that suggest that mindfulness training for teachers, pupils and parents can have far-reaching benefits for all concerned. These results are captured in a series of interviews carried out by VC.

This pilot project was carried out in 5 schools in Lira, Northern Uganda by St. Francis Family Helper Programme, an NGO based in Uganda, with assistance from Viatores Christi, who provide and manage volunteers in the humanitarian and development sector.

VC has created an exhibition that looks at the impact of this mindfulness training in a school context. The exhibition features the words and images of programme participants as they outline the often dramatic impact that the training has had on their schools, families and, indeed, communities. Teachers, pupils and parents talk about how an often brutal atmosphere has been transformed into one that is both more harmonious and producing much better results.

Participants talk about how the training changed not just the discipline and atmosphere in the school, but also their personal lives in the family and the community.

It is hoped that the success of this school discipline project will lead to the training being extended to more schools in the region and across Uganda.

This project has been published by Volunteering for Humanity with the support of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative #EUAVI

This project, like many of the other projects that we work on, is supported by the work of volunteers. Are you interested in volunteering with projects like St Francis Family Helper Programme? If so, please learn more about how to become a volunteer by following this link.

You can view the exhibition below, or visit the original exhibition site here