Venture Online Training Starts 24th September!

Venture Training Programme 2022

Viatores Christi has over 20 years experience in training development volunteers and humanitarian workers to take on new roles in development and humanitarian work.  Our experience has taught us that people want to gain the technical skills that will help them in their roles, and also need wider support in taking on and adapting to roles in different international, cultural and faith contexts.

VC is a leading provider of training to the faith-based and missionary sector for over 62 years.  Its programmes are supported by leading Irish funding agency Misean Cara and the organisation is a member of the CHS Alliance and holds a European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Quality Label for deployment of volunteers in the field of humanitarian aid assistance.

Our Venture Training Programme has run successfully, providing a broad range of learning, in-person at our headquarters.  To meet the need of todays development volunteers,  humanitarian workers and professionals, and to open our training to a global audience, the Venture Training Programme is now being offered online.  The programme includes live workshops and masterclasses with experienced specialists and professionals, and on-line self-study modules that participants can complete at their own pace.

The programme which will run over 4 weekends between September 24th and December 4th 2022 and will consist of 8 days (approx. 5 hours per day) of live training sessions, plus access to over 20 hours of online, independent learning.

Topics covered:

Global Awareness Basic Safety in the Field
Active Global Citizenship Community Development
Project Cycle Management The Relationship Between Mission and Development
Monitoring and Evaluation Research Methods
Accessibility in Project Cycle Management Technical Writing Skills
Health and Wellbeing Cultural Adaptation
Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Perspectives and experiences from the field

What you will learn:

  • How to make informed choices when engaging in development / humanitarian work
  • Management, communication and technical skills to work with local partners to run development and humanitarian projects and programmes effectively
  • How to support the capacity development of the communities and organisations where you work
  • How to work effectively by using the skills of a community development worker by using interactive and people-centred approaches
  • How to accept, respect and enjoy living or working in a new professional or cultural context (and faith-based setting) where required
  • The importance of wellbeing, including healthy relationships.
  • How to understand power relationships in the humanitarian and development context.
  • Be aware of security issues and simple strategies around  personal safety and wellbeing.
  • The complexities of child & vulnerable adult safeguarding, and incusive practices.
  • About VC as an organisation  – its aims and objectives.

The fee for the course will be €400 Euro including all training materials and related content.  VC will offer a special 25% discount to individuals who are based at project level given the higher cost of internet access in some parts of the Majority World.  This includes development projects and programmes operating within Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Group discounts will apply to group bookings of 3 or more – please contact us for more information

Please register now before 21st of September 2022, more details of the course content can be found here.  Deposit of €100 will secure place.


Session Date Content
Weekend 1

Live online sessions

24th Sept Introduction to VC & Venture

Global Awareness Workshop

25th Sept Meet the VC team

Volunteering today & Active Global Citizenship Workshop

Online self-study courses Project Cycle Management

Monitoring & Evaluation


Weekend 2

Live online sessions

22nd Oct Perspective from the field

Health and Wellbeing Workshop

23rd Oct VC team perspectives from the field

Accessibility in Project Cycle Management Workshop

Online self-study courses Child and vulnerable adult protection

Basic security in the field


Weekend 3

Live online sessions

19th Nov Perspectives from the field

Exploring the relationship Between Mission and Development

20th Nov Get to know VC

Community Development Workshop

Online self-study courses Research methods

Technical writing – writing project reports


Weekend 4

Live online sessions

4th Dec Perspective from the field

Research methods workshop

5th Dec Cultural adaptation Workshop

Summary, wrap-up and next steps!

For more information or questions, email